recently · september

September has been a very busy month. With everything that has been going on, time has just zoomed past for the last four weeks. I'm still adjusting (well more like being thrown into) the uni life, so everything feels new and I always have a huge list on my to-do list. I gave myself like 15 minutes to write this post, so please ignore the occasional spelling mistakes, etc.

The first week of September felt like it was so long ago, and it was the only week that went by in a normal pace. Most of my friends left for uni the first week, but in the meantime I still felt like uni was something that was going to happen in the distant future. But as soon as fresher's week started, everything felt as if it was falling in the right place. (Does that make sense??) There isn't much to say about uni, apart from the fact that everything feels new to me, and that I'm busy all the time.

In the middle of the month, I also celebrated my 18th birthday. I'm finding it very hard to grasp the fact that I am technically an adult now. Like last week, I opened a savings account in my name and I got a letter from hmrc about tax return. Wow.

Anyway, a short summary of September is that time is going by really fast- I saw Christmas home decorations in House of Fraser the other day, and I was in mild shock. But I'm sure the last few months of 2016 is going to go by like a flash, too.


Bullet Journal

I started a bullet journal at the start of September. At first, I thought it was like a diary that you write in the format of bullet points, and I was like 'what that's so weird'. But after reading up on it on a few blogs, I thought it would be a really good idea since you have the total freedom to customise your own journal. It gave me huge anxiety at first, because I was worried that I would make a mess of it from the start, but 3 weeks in and I'm loving it. You learn to adapt your journal according to your lifestyle and from previous 'layouts', what works and what else you can add to it.

New lens

I bought a new lens for my DSLR from Depop and I'm dying to get the chance to use it (not just pointing at my messy desk at home).

New phone

On another photography note- I got a new phone and the camera is so much better. So I have made a goal to take more photos on an everyday basis. Keep updated by following my insta @yigeygz ;)



the choker.

I feel like I'm the last person to get on the choker trend. When they first came back into fashion, I was like 'ew', but now I'm like 'YES'. I was hunting for a few really basic ones, but quite frankly I was a bit disgusted by the prices of them. Like I'm not willing to pay £5 for a piece of fabric with a clasp attached. I manged to get a few basic, black chokers from Primark for quite cheap (comparing to everything else) so all is well. Though, I do have my eyes on a few very fancy looking ones from Zara atm, but I think I will have to wait for the sales to get them.

chokers- yay or nay?


a handwritten post

what does your handwriting look like?


recently · august

I feel like for the past few months, all my posts have been either travel ones or these monthly catch up posts. I have been feeling incredibly cba and uninspired to make posts (in case you couldn't tell by the lack of stuff on my blog lately). More on that later because I shall take you through everything I did in August.

The first big thing that happened right in the start of the month was our trip to Greece. We went for 10 days, and it was amazing. I made the smart choice of downloading a journal app, so I kept note of what we did each day because I always forget everything in the matter of days. You can read all about our time in Athens and Corfu in my latest post, here. It was results day on our second last day there, so I was really stressed the day before. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, imagining what would happen if I missed my conditions (why do I even do that to myself). In the morning of results day, I was refreshing my email and checking my phone every 2 seconds. But I did meet my conditions in the end, so that was quite a relief, and all my friends had met their conditions too, so we were all able to enjoy the last two days there. Yay.

I can't believe that we were in Greece at the beginning of the month, because it honestly feels like it was months ago. As soon as I got back and finished unpacking and doing all my laundry (there was a lot of it), it felt like I never even left.

After we got back from Greece, the time just flew by. I wasn't even busy doing exciting things everyday, but there was just a lot of small things to do in preparation for university. The process of preparing for uni is really exciting but at the same time, I haven't fully accepted the fact that I'm not in high school anymore and that I have actually gotten into the course that I have worked so hard towards. I am really looking forward to starting the course, because I am so bored of having nothing to do all day, and I actually miss the pressure and stress from school (a bit).

And with blogging, like I said I have been feeling quite cba at the moment, especially since I'm quite bored of seeing the same ol' stuff around me all the time when it comes to blogging. I really want to do something different, but at the same time I'm just too unmotivated to actually do it. I'm feeling very unmotivated especially towards beauty posts, and basically a lot of the posts that I have been writing before. I just find them a bit boring, plus doing all these travel posts has made me realised how much I prefer taking those kind of photos than product flatlays. Anyway, I really just need to start doing stuff instead of keeping all the ideas in my head.

Now on to some of my favourites/discoveries this month.

+ 天才在左疯子在右

I heard about this book online and it sounded right up my street. It's a collection of interviews of mentally ill patients that the author has interacted with. It's not hugely focused on the mental illnesses, but mostly on these peoples' seemingly 'crazy' views of the world. I read most of this book at night, so it was giving me major existential crisis just before I went to bed, but overall it was a really good book.

+ Suicide Squad

This one isn't really a favourite, but I thought I would add it in here anyway. We went to see Suicide Squad at the beginning of the month, and I was quite excited because it was hyped up so much. I quite liked the film, but I felt like it was too short and the plot was a bit meh. There was also a lot less scenes with the Joker in it than I anticipated, so that was kind of a let down too. If you have seen the film, let me know what you think!

+ Depop

I've had Depop for a few months, but I keep forgetting to mention it. So far I've only bought three items from Depop, but I just love scrolling through my feed, it's like window shopping but there is no end to it. I've started selling some pieces from clearing out my wardrobe, so check out my shop @yige. (sneaky self promo)

what have you been up to in August?


travel: athens

Hello again, friends. I am back from Greece, and I have restored my energy enough to have gone through my photos and edited them for your viewing pleasures. I still can't believe that our holiday to Greece is over, because we had started planning for it back in October last year. I had been looking forward to it for the entire summer, and the fact that it's over means that uni is going to start soon, and I really do not want to think about that.

Anyway, I decided to put all the photos in one big post. And although we went to Athens and Corfu during our time in Greece, I'm just going to share the photos from Athens since all we did was chilling at the beach and going for cocktails at night so I don't have much photos.


The Streets + The Market

During our first day in Athens, we left the hotel at around 9.30 am to walk around the Plaka in the morning. Although we left in the morning, we definitely were not used to the heat. Ten minutes without air con had us sweating buckets and feeling like we are being baked alive. We just walked around and found our way to the Monastiraki market, which was incredibly lively and it was packed with typical touristy souvenir shops. By 12 o'clock we were already dying to get out of the heat so we found a cafe to sit down and recharge before we headed to the National Gardens. I was drench in sweat, and my sunglasses were sliding down the bridge of my nose every second, but I told myself 'when in Rome' and ordered a Greek coffee, whilst everyone else went for iced frappes or milkshakes. Not to mention, I don't even like coffee that much, but I was just curious to try it more than anything. The Greek coffee was kinda like an espresso, and it had a very roasted and nutty flavour to it. I actually quite enjoyed it, despite the fact that I don't like coffee that much.

The National Gardens

For lunch, we found a supermarket on the way to the National Gardens to buy some food. Although food was the last thing on my mind at the time, because I was focusing all my energy on not melting in the heat. Thank god the National Gardens had plenty of trees and benches in shades, so we just found a spot and had a 'picnic' there. Even in the shade, the heat was still quite unbearable.

The Food

Greek food is just amazing. Our first proper meal in a restaurant shocked us by how huge the portions were. I had a chicken souvlaki, which had grilled chicken, peppers, pitta bread, rice and chips served on a huge pizza-sized plate. I was quite proud at myself for finishing everything- with the help of a glass of retsina wine to wash it down of course. Another great thing about dining in a busy area is that there's always happy hours or complimentary food or drink no matter where you go. On our first night, we had a free glass of wine each, and on our second night we had gelato and ouzo on the house. On our second night, we had realised that the portions are fucking huge so we decided to share some dishes. I had the stuffed peppers and moussaka- both were absolutely amazing, and seeing these photos is making me want to go back.

We realised that going out for dinner at 7 pm was considered early in Greece, because we were always one of the first people in the restaurants and when we left was the time that the places starting getting busy. I would definitely recommend the streets in Monastiraki square for dinner, because the streets and so lively and you can get a feel for the Greek night life there.

On the first two nights, we went out for cocktails after food which was such a good way to end our night. The sightseeing during the days in Athens were good, but I was dying to get back into our air conditioned hotel rooms the entire time, whereas having dinner and drinks at night was perfect because we were surrounded by the lively atmosphere and the temperature is just right with a slight breeze.

The Acropolis + Other Archaeological Sites

Check out that #aesthetics photo of the ground.

Seeing as we went to Athens, the Acropolis was a must-see sight. On our second day, we got up nice and early to get to the Acropolis at 8 am so we won't get baked under the sun when we are at the top. The climb to the top wasn't too bad, it was just very hot and I wished that it was over the entire time. Apart from that, it was alright. Even though we got up the Acropolis pretty early, it was already packed with tourists, so it was quite hard to get photos without swarms of people in the background. It was surprisingly windy at the top, so we didn't feel hot at all, although I did get loads of sand in my eyes and my shoes were covered with a layer of dust by the time we got down. We split up the Acropolis and the other archaeological sites into two days, so on the next day, we took the metro around the city to visit all the other sites. We didn't get up that early the next day, so it was quite excruciating walking around in the blistering hot sun, and not gonna lie, I had zero energy to appreciate the history when all I wanted was air conditioning.

The Lycabettus Hill

On our last night in Athens, we decided to hike up the Lycabettus hill, which is the highest point in Athens. It's worth mentioning that it's not a proper 'hike' up the hill, you're really just climbing seemingly endless flights of stairs until you reach the top. We finished dinner at around half eight, and started making our way up those stairs. Thankfully, the sun wasn't shining on our backs as we walked up, but even still, I was a sweaty mess by the time we got to the top. It was completely dark by the time we got to the top, and the view was amazing. The city lights against the backdrop of the sky were beautiful. I would recommend doing this to anyone going to Athens, the views are so worth the climb.

The Cats

Saving the best for last. The cats of Athens.

The first photo I ever took whilst in Greece was of a cat. So that just says it all really. There was also two cats that lived at our studio in Corfu, and on our last day there, we found them sleeping on our balcony chairs in the morning. What a wonderful way to end our trip to Greece.

Writing this post and looking back at the photos is making me miss our trip already. I'm patting myself on the back for keeping a travel journal because I always forget things so quickly. Our time in Greece was amazing overall, but we had a few mishaps with travelling. The morning that we had to catch a flight to Corfu, we had decided to leave at 6:30 in order to get there on time. Me and my friend, who I was sharing a room with, had slept through our alarm, and we woke up with a knock on the door at 6:30 and had to pack and leave within 5 minutes, which we did actually manage to accomplish. It was super stressful at the time, but now it is quite a funny story to look back on.